University of Houston - Clear Lake

2012-2013 Graduate Catalog

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The grade point average is a measure of a student’s academic achievement. Grade point averages are computed by multiplying the grade point earned by the number of credit hours in each course, and then dividing the sum of all grade points obtained by the total number of hours attempted. Visit for step by step instructions on how to calculate a GPA.

The cumulative grade point average is based on the grade points earned since admission to UHCL or since the last UHCL degree awarded excluding those hours for which grades are shown with asterisk (*) above. GPAs will round at three decimals. Grades earned for transferred courses are not calculated into grade point average at the UHCL.

Incomplete Grade and Incomplete Grade Contract

A grade of Incomplete ("I") may be given at the discretion of the instructor to students who are making satisfactory progress in a course. Incompletes are typically given for emergency situations which occur after the withdrawal date but prior to the end of the semester, and which prevent the student from completing course requirements. When assigning the grade of "I," instructors provide students with an Incomplete Grade Contract that outlines the work to be accomplished before the "I" can be converted to a final grade and specifies a deadline date. This contract constitutes an agreement between instructors and students. A grade of "I" must be resolved within the time limit set by instructors; however, such limits may not be extended beyond the grade submission deadline for the next long semester following the semester in which the "I" was assigned. Failure to resolve an "I" will result in its conversion to a final grade of "F" on students’ permanent records. An "I" can be converted to a final grade only. A statement denoting the lapse will appear on the transcript.

Students should not re-register for a course to complete a grade of "I." Incomplete grade contracts are submitted to the appropriate associate dean‘s office.

Students on academic probation, who have outstanding "I" grades, will remain on probation until all incompletes are resolved. "I" grades are not calculated in the GPA. An "I" which has been changed to a grade or has been converted to an "F" will be recorded and academic action taken during the semester of the grade change.

In Progress Grade

Master’s Thesis, Project, Dissertation, and Residency require continuous enrollment. A grade of In Progress ("IP") will be recorded until final grade assignment for completion of the master’s option or dissertation. Not all internships require continuous enrollment but those that do are eligible for "IP" grades. The "IP" grade will not automatically convert to "F" if not resolved within a specified time. At the time final grades for master’s option course work are assigned, outstanding "IP" grades will be converted to Credit ("CR") or No-Credit ("NC"). If the final grades are "C" or better, six hours of the letter grade assigned will be recorded and the remaining "IP" grades will be converted to "CR." If the final grades are "C-" or below, six hours of the letter grade assigned will be recorded and the remaining "IP" grades will be converted to "NC." Faculty, with the approval of the associate dean, may change an additional three hours of "IP" to a final letter grade. Students enrolled in master’s option course work or a dissertation are automatically enrolled in the same course each fall and spring semester until a final grade is assigned (see Automatic Enrollment). Students must complete an application for graduation by the stated deadline during their last semester of enrollment. Failure to do so will result in a delay of graduation to a future semester.

Grade Changes

Grade changes are allowed for only one of the following three reasons:

  • Removal of an incomplete grade.
  • Result of a formal grade appeal or hearing process.
  • Correction of instructor error.

Other than removing an incomplete, grades will not be changed on the basis of extra work submitted after final grades are assigned.

Only the course instructor may assign grades for students in a course. Grade changes may be made by the instructor or the associate dean in the absence of the instructor. After one long semester, a grade change submitted by an instructor must be approved by the associate dean for the program in which the course is taught. Grade changes must be filed in the Office of Academic Records within one year after the original grade is posted. Grade changes resulting from the completion of In Progress ("IP") or Incomplete ("I") work may only be initiated by the instructor of record or the associate dean. When the grade change is processed, students will be notified by mail by the Office of Academic Records. Academic action that results from a grade change will be taken during the semester of the grade change. The changed grade will be the final grade used to compute the GPA.

Repeated Courses

As of fall 2008 if students repeat a course, it is with the understanding that the last grade earned in the course is the one counted toward fulfillment of degree requirements and hours earned. Only the hours and grade points earned on the last attempt will be counted in the Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation and in determining academic standing. Any repeated courses where the final attempt was made prior to Fall 2008 will be counted in the GPA calculation and in determining academic standing. With prior approval of the appropriate associate dean, students may repeat courses at another college or university to raise a grade, including "F," earned at UHCL. However, the original grade earned at UHCL will remain a part of the academic record. Courses repeated at other institutions are treated as transfer credit. They will not be considered resident credit and will not be included in the UHCL GPA. Only grades earned on repeated courses taken at UHCL will be counted in the UHCL GPA.