University of Houston - Clear Lake

2013-2014 Graduate Catalog

INDH - Industrial Hygiene and Safety Courses

INDH 5131 Control of Occupational and Environmental Hazards

Engineering and control technology used to eliminate and reduce hazards. Includes ventilation design, shielding, heat and cold stress, noise control, emissions control and waste management.


INDH 4131, 4133, 4135 or equivalents.

INDH 5233 Recognition of Occupational Diseases

Incidence and patterns of occupational diseases in the U.S. Approaches to recognition and prevention. Workplace exposures and effects. Occupational disorders by organ systems.


BIOL 4235.

INDH 5333 Air Pollution

Background, sources and fate of atmospheric pollutants. Air pollution episodes, meteorology, dispersion modeling, air quality measurements, controls, criteria, guidelines and health standards.

INDH 5334 Human Factors Engineering

Provides an analysis of the principles of human factors and ergonomics. The course covers human information processing, man-machine systems, information design, display and control design, static and dynamic anthropometrics and fundamentals of biomechanics, musculoskeletal injuries, including Cumulative Trauma Disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, hand tool design, back injuries, vibrations, shift work, biological rhythms and workload assessment. Emphasis is placed on ergonomic methods and techniques to assess the design of modern work environments.

INDH 5335 Ergonomic Methods and Analysis Techniques

Provides students with a variety of methods to analyze tasks and make accommodations and redesigns based on the principles of human factors and ergonomics. Emphasis is placed on Human Factors/Ergonomic methods and techniques to assess the design of modern work environments to accommodate people with disabilities or provide suitable redesigns to enhance human performance.

INDH 5739 Internship in Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Supervised work experience in an approved industrial firm or governmental agency. Written and oral report required.


Master's degree candidacy as well as approval by advisor and dean.

INDH 5915 Cooperative Education Work Term

Educational paid work assignment by a student in the field of career interest and course of study. A technical report will be required at the end of the semester. (Specific requirements are noted in the Cooperative Education Catalog description.)


Approved Candidate Plan of Study, completed cooperative education file and approval of associate dean and Director of Cooperative Education.

INDH 5919 Independent Study in Industrial Hygiene & Safety


Approval of instructor, chair and associate dean.

INDH 5931 Research Topics in Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Identified by specific title each time course is offered.

INDH 5939 Independent Study in Industrial Hygiene & Safety


Approval of instructor, chair and associate dean.

INDH 6135 Radiation Protection

Advanced principles of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation are presented to provide the students who already have a basic understanding of radiation protection with an enhanced competence to solve theoretical and practical problems in radiation protection.

INDH 6232 Analytical Methods for Evaluation of Health Hazards

Survey procedures and instrumental methods of analysis for atmospheric and occupational hazards. Optical microscopy, noise, radiation, colorimetry, gas chromatography, atomic absorption, infrared and mass spectrometry.


INDH 4232 or equivalent.

INDH 6332 Safety Engineering

Application of engineering principles to produce design, plant layout, construction, maintenance, pressure vessels, power tools, electric equipment, confined spaces and transportation systems. Includes consensus standards and governmental regulations.


INDH 3430 or equivalent.